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Taxi service reduces waiting time to 3 minutes at Dubai Airports

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has implemented the ‘Smart Trips’ initiative in its fleet vehicles in a bid to raise customer satisfaction rating and meet their needs and aspirations as regards reducing taxi waiting time and achieving optimal utilization of Corporation’s own vehicles. Each taxi cab will be operating at two different shifts, where the Airport Taxi will be operating at night whereas normal taxis will be operating during the day, thus redoubling the number of taxi cabs at Dubai airports and reducing the taxi waiting time from 30 minutes in 2012 before the initiative was implemented to 3 minutes in 2014.

Mohammed Yousef Saleh, Director of Fleet Operations at Dubai Taxi Corporation, said, “This initiative was the brainchild of Mustafa Mustafa Shalabi, Senior Special Services Executive thanks to his daily engagement and full cognizance of arrivals’ movement and the great demand for taxi cabs at Dubai airports, not to mention his exceptional ability to analyze the daily data relating to customers’ waiting time and availability of taxi cabs at the airport. We have implemented the idea in order to ensure develop, improve and optimally utilize the available resources of taxis and cabbies. The ‘Smart Trips’ initiative has won the Creative Idea Award, in the second edition of the RTA Excellence Award (Namoos), where Shalabi has been honored.”

“The Dubai Taxi Corporation runs 350 taxi cabs at Dubai airports to serve arrivals to Dubai emirate, in addition to other 100 taxi cabs to serve VIPs, 80 vehicles for ladies & families, and 7 for special needs. These vehicles lift arrivers from Dubai airport to their different destinations within the UAE around the clock. Special parking spaces have designated for these taxis at terminal 1, 2 and 3 and Al Maktoum International Airport, where and distinguished cabbies and highly qualified staff have been entrusted to provide this service,” added the Director of Fleet Operations.

“The fleet has been beefed up with 100 vehicles in the first phase since the idea was implemented back in January 2013; and featured another increase in August 2013 where the number of fleet vehicles reached 175 in order to meet the steady growth in the number of arrivals at Dubai Airports. As the idea has proved successful, the Dubai Taxi Corporation implemented the initiative in the Al Maktoum Airport at the beginning of May 2014, and realized the same objectives of reducing passengers’ waiting time,” he elaborated.

Saleh called upon the public, visitors and customers to cooperate with the Dubai Taxi Corporation by maintaining their properties and personal belongings when they are onboard taxis, besides requesting the trip invoice before disembarking from the vehicle as it contains important data such as the vehicle’s side number, cabby’s ID, trip cost, and trips date & time. Such data is needed when dealing with suggestions, comments, complaints or reported cases through RTA’ call center 8009090, DTC’s website, or RTA’s website This would reduce the numbers of lost items cases, maintain customers’ properties and personal belongings, which contributes to raising their satisfaction rating.