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Weekend tech talk: Rumors on the spider web

In the tech field, sometimes you find that innovation goes by, while you are still figuring out how Facebook works.

Today, we compiled a few rumors and investigated if they were true.

Apple’s AirPower charging pad coming in September

Apple teased this back in 2017 in its keynote. While it is very likely that the tech product could be released in 3 months, it is still very vague.

Dubbed the AirPower, this Pad allows you to wirelessly charge 3 different Apple devices, and you might argue that it already exists. But in fact, third-party devices can’t charge the Apple Watch.

So if you’ve been waiting, get ready to find yourself waiting longer, as tech websites everywhere have been reporting that Apple dreaded the missed shipping estimate of its HomePod and is now planning to release the AirPower just before an occasion.

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Microsoft’s cheaper Surface tablet

This rumor first appeared on Bloomberg, stating that there will potentially be a new Surface tablet that will cost $400.

This rumor is very likely to be true. Here’s why:

Microsoft has been trying to get into the cheap tablet market for a while. First, with its failed RT line-up back in 2012 that had a limited version of Windows 8.1. Now, Qualcomm released its new 1000 series CPU chipsets that it claims to be only for laptops.

Another reason why Microsoft might do this is that it has been pushing education as a business model. The company recently released Windows S as its operating system on its Surface laptops, in another attempt to dumb down its software to suit educational facilities.

So a Surface, costing $400 per laptop/tablet, is very likely before the end of the year; maybe before Christmas.

Facebook drone crashes: There’s a buzz going around: Facebook crashed its own internet drone project

Honda is working on a self-driving car with Waymo

Waymo is an autonomous car development company and a subsidiary of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc.

The company’s CEO, John Krafcik, said that Waymo had plans to develop a car with Honda, and it would potentially use a different method than just fitting sensors on a car and hoping for the best later.

The deal is certainly happening, but it is still unclear when the product will be released. Expect more news to come before 2020, but a product may be due for 2021 since self-driving cars are still a really new thing.

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Is Apple working on a VR headset?

There are 2 rumors here: First, Apple is working on a headset for self-driving cars. The second is that Apple is working on an all-around headset to work with any product.

The second rumor seems more likely but is still unclear. A patent that shows the design is already driving around the net, but companies send a bunch of patent requests each year, so don’t start saving just yet.