Complex Made Simple

Tensator Group aims to be Airport Show’s leading light

Tensabright will be showcased on stand 8101 in the UK Pavilion, 10-12 May, ahead of its official product launch later this month.

Visitors to this year’s Dubai Airport Show will be treated to the first glimpse of the latest product from passenger journey specialist Tensator Group.

Tensabright will be showcased on stand 8101 in the UK Pavilion, 10-12 May, ahead of its official product launch later this month. Joining the Tensabarrier product range, the innovative new solution uses prismatic reflective tape to create the world’s first hi-vis retractable belt.

Due to the use of micro-prisms, Tensabright is able to return the light straight back to the original light source, ensuring high visibility and creating a glow-in-the-dark effect.

Once launched, TensabrightTM will be offered as part of Tensator Group’s popular Airport Passenger Guidance (APG) solution. The APG is used to safely direct passengers on and off planes, whilst avoiding the potentially dangerous under-wing areas.

Speaking ahead of the Airport Show, Abdel Aziz Rahal, general manager of Tensator Group Dubai, said, “The Dubai Airport Show provides the perfect global stage for us to offer the first glimpse of, what is, an innovative world-class product. We help to guide the passenger and customer journey at some of the biggest and busiest transport hubs and retail destinations in the world. Above all else, we know that the most important part of that journey is safety.”

“TensabrightTM is an innovative yet simple solution and, for airport operators, it is destined to make the boarding and disembarking process even safer. Particularly at night and in poor weather conditions, passengers will be able to clearly see the safest route between the terminal building and the aircraft.”

Joining Tensabright on stand 8101 in the UK Pavilion will be the Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra. A familiar sight in airports such as Dubai International, London Heathrow, Madrid and Boston Logan International, the Tensator Virtual Assistant creates the illusion of a real person and is commonly used in check-in halls and security areas to remind passengers about what can be carried in their baggage.

This year is the fourth anniversary of the first installation of the passenger facing technology, which took place at the UK’s London Luton Airport. To mark the occasion, two new Tensator Virtual Assistants have been installed. New figures have also been released showing that the original units, coupled with other measures, have reduced the number of rejected bags in security at London Luton Airport by 12 per cent.

Tensator Group’s stand at this year’s Dubai Airport Show will also showcase products from the Tensabarrier range, as well as Tensaguide, a solution that integrates media panels into a queuing environment. Additionally, Abdel Aziz Rahal will be taking to the stage to deliver a presentation on how Tensator Group helped Dubai International Airport communicate more effectively with its passengers.