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The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi holds workshop

to Update the Capital Surface Transport Master Plan

The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi announced that it held a workshop as part of its restless efforts to update the Surface Transport Master Plan (STMP) 2009 of UAE capital.

The DoT workshop aims at developing an integrated and safe transport system that would support the capital plan and vision in 2030.The work session witnessed an active contribution of more than 100 participants from key government agencies.

The DoT provided the participants with detailed information about the plan updates,proposed projects and the role of each entity in implementing the new transport system in the capital Abu Dhabi.

During the workshop, the DoT pointed out that preparing the STMP for the capital will be based on the foundations that have been included in the STMP of 2009 and the Capital Plan 2030 with a special focus on sustainability, environment and transport high technologies that are expected to be widely used in the future. Through updating Abu Dhabi STMP, the DoT endeavours to review all investment options and transport policies that are necessary to support the realization of Capital Plan 2030. According to the DoT, the updated STMP will concentrate on modes of transport such as metro, trams, buses, taxis and water transportation as well as other mobility facilities including adjusting public roads for pedestrians and bicycles. The DoT strives to achieve this end through integrated transport modes,well-planned land use and proactive management of transportation demands.

On the other hand, the DoT updates the current STMP in order to develop a detailed strategy and phased implementation plans that would provide infrastructure for transportation in addition to its related services and public policies up to the year of 2030. This will provide the necessary means to develop even a long term strategy that can last to 2040. In this regard, The DoT in Abu Dhabi cooperates closely with strategic partners such as Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM), Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC), Abu Dhabi Police and Environment Authority to achieve the objectives of the plan and seek all the ideas and insights that ensure the success of their implementation. It should be noted that the DoT has conducted a thorough and comprehensive study of transport demands in the capital, and started working on updating the plan last October provided that an updated comprehensive STMP will be developed at the end of 2016.