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Tickets prices fall to their lowest levels

But they are still higher than the average price over the past year

Airline ticket prices have fallen to their lowest levels since the beginning of this year, but they are still higher than what they averaged last year, according to experts.

Managers and workers in travel agencies add that there is a decline in the level of ticket offers launched by travel companies, reports UAE-based Aliqtisadi.

Some of them expect tickets prices to gradually increase at the beginning of December, in light of the expected demand during that period, stressing the importance of early booking as the best way to get fair prices.

Commenting on the previous issue, Skyline Travel’s General Manager, Samer Ascha, says: “Ticket prices are still high compared to the average price over the past year, but in the current period it is considered the lowest level since the beginning of this year.”

Ascha adds that the demand for tickets is the most prominent factor in controlling ticket prices during the year, pointing to a discrepancy in prices between the airlines, as every company implements its own pricing policies.