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Tokenizing Happiness: This blockchain clearly gives you wings

After a brutal 2018 year for crypto investors, tokenized happiness may be in serious demand in 2019. In fact, Gozo has decided to do just that; tokenize happiness.

“We are not crazy, although some may argue differently, we are tokenizing happiness, through travel,” announces co-creator of Gozo, Ziad Sawyer Nassar.

“In all seriousness, Gozo is the industry-first blockchain-enabled loyalty points clearinghouse and travel savings club,” he says.

The added stress from one’s professional and social life has increased the need to unplug. As well, many investors amassed large amounts of wealth, only to see it disappear in 2018 before having a chance to enjoy its benefits, while others struggle to save up enough to take a much-needed vacation.

Many people have found their escape in travel.

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Traveling does yield happiness and even a lifetime of joy when sharing your travel adventures a decade later. Perhaps the Gozo team is on to something.

In order to afford that extra vacation, travelers are enrolling in multiple loyalty programs. However, many forget about their points or wait too long to redeem them, and end up with tens of thousands of points spread across ten or even twenty different loyalty programs. Gozo aims to alleviate this strain by tracking points and liquifying them into the Gozo token in order to bring some much-needed joy to the market.

Gozo is a simple and user-friendly consumer-facing app built on three pillars – the bi-directional clearinghouse, the travel savings club, and the wallet. The seamless combination of functions aims to capitalize on the $360 billion worth of unredeemed points by facilitating their redemption into an extra vacation that many yearn to take.

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By partnering with multiple companies in the travel industry, Gozo will allow users to liquidate their loyalty points into a more flexible point system, the GOZO token, or convert GOZO tokens into loyalty points.

Travelers using the Gozo app will be able to:

1- Track their multiple loyalty programs across different membership programs

2- Exchange, swap and convert their loyalty points into GOZO tokens and vice versa

3- Unlock access to wholesale pricing on airline tickets, hotel rates, and cruises, VIP airport lounge access, and many other travel benefits.

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The system is beneficial for both users and partners alike. While users will be able to keep track of their loyalty points and their intrinsic values, partners will also benefit from the platform as it allows increased program engagement rate, decrease a company’s liabilities with added burn mechanism, and attract new and less frequent clientele by allowing the purchase of loyalty points via GOZO tokens.

“The response has been excellent across the various shows and conferences from the US, Europe, Middle East, and China, from potential users, partners and even Dubai Tourism, which had graciously invited us to Gitex last month to exhibit and present Gozo. We are excited about the prospects of 2019,” states Roy Labban, co-creator of Gozo.

About Gozo

Gozo is an industry-first blockchain-enabled loyalty points clearinghouse, and travel savings club. Gozo’s simple and consumer-friendly interface allows users to harness the power and complexity of blockchain to track and exchange valuable loyalty points into crypto tokens or even local fiat currency. For more, visit