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Top 5 hidden destinations to discover this summer

As summer begins, you are indeed planning a trip somewhere.

Maybe you are considering Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh? Or maybe Greece’s fantastic scenery and nightlife?

However, what about the hidden gems in the world?

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So, get your travel agents ready. Here are your top 5:

The number one on our list is Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, Al Hofuf: A hidden gem for families, friends, and food lovers around the world.

People around the world say that Qaisariah Souq is “a must visit place.”

One user on TripAdvisor said: “I strongly recommend a leisurely stroll through the souk during evenings. Great atmosphere and fabulous shops with traditional wares, clothes, spices, miscellaneous articles, artworks, etc. Do not miss this attraction, when you are in Al Ahsa. Even if you are in Dammam or Al Khobar, it takes a two-and-a-half-hour drive to reach this place, or you may take a train from Dammam. Al Ahsa (Al Hofuf) has got an excellent Railway station.”

Another said that “Its architecture reflects the cultural elements of the older generations where you can shop for numerous items and dine in an old restaurant at the back.”

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Second on our list is Lebanon’s Palms Island or locally known as “Jaziret Al Aranib”: A hidden gem indeed, as not many locals know about it. Palms Island is a beautiful Island just near the coast of Tripoli in Lebanon. It captivates the eyes with beautiful scenery and lets you unwind on the coastlines.

Courtesy of Hilal Sfarjalani (Google Maps)

The beaches are warm, clear, and not a single piece of pebbles can be found; unlike many beaches in Lebanon.

Reviews on Google say that the place is “an escape from the city,” and that “you should go early because it closes around 6.” Others added that “you should bring with you drinks and food because there is no place to buy anything.”

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The third on this list is the Cappadocia Cliffs in Turkey: The soft undulating sites were formed by rain and the wind on a volcanic tuff rock. These cliffs are dubbed fairy chimneys and are thin to the point that it is possible to carve and hollow them.

This made accessible for the Turkish inhabitants living close by to turn it into chapels and homes. Fascinatingly, beneath these beautiful and massive rock formations is a link of subterranean cities, which was home to about 10,000 people who escaped oppression.

Reviews of this place say: “The cave dwellings were well preserved and it was very informative to visit the place with a tour guide to explain what the different rooms in the caves were for. A picturesque place where you can spend a couple of hours to explore.”

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Fourth on our list is The White Desert in Egypt: The White Desert is the most famous desert destination for tourists in Egypt. The amount of beautiful and unearthly rock formations formed by the wind with shapes appearing like giant pebbles and mushrooms makes it an incredibly unique desert.

The desert also has thousands of chalk formations in it, making it even more fascinating.

Reviews say that “there are more shooting stars than you can count” and that “it’s too unique, I’ve been there with my friends many times we just love it, put simply: It’s magical and something that can’t be described until you have seen it.”

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And lastly, The Dead Sea in Jordan: The Dead Sea is one of the most popular yet hidden natural wonders in the Middle East. It is no longer news that mineral waters have healing powers presently; there are a lot of resorts and spas on its shores. As the name implies no living thing can live in it.

Reviews leave a lot to the imagination of what this beautiful gem has to offer users said: “400M+ below sea level, the lowest place on earth. The Dead Sea was phenomenal. Such a unique experience to be floating like that. Not to be missed if you visit Jordan.”