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Top takeaways from Apple’s latest announcement: Pushing into the future

From previewing its latest operating system to introducing a stronger Siri and further integrating the user experience, Apple is pushing further into the future.

From previewing its latest operating system to introducing a stronger Siri and further integrating the user experience, Apple is pushing further into the future.


The technology giant made major announcements late on Monday at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, California. Here are the most important takeaways.


Siri gets smarter, is now open to developers

In the new update, personal assistant Siri will work with downloaded apps. Developers can now build on Siri’s intelligent interaction through SiriKit and let users operate the app using their voice.


Siri has also gotten stronger, acquiring new capabilities. It can now be used on Mac and Apple TV, further simplifying and enriching the user experience on these devices.


On Apple TV, Siri can now search for more than 650,000 TV episodes and movies. Search can be conducted by theme or topic, such as “documentaries about cars”. It can also search through video-sharing website YouTube, or tune in to any channel broadcasting live.


MacOS Sierra

This is the latest update to the desktop operating system from Apple, making the desktop smarter and more helpful. With Siri’s integration, users can access their desktop remotely from any device, look up documents and files, copy and paste, and even adjust system preferences, all thanks to the iCloud.


Apple Pay has also been introduced to Safari, making the online shopping experience more secure.


Personal messages

According to Apple, Messages is the most frequently used iOS app and the new update adds more expressive messaging features, such as animations including balloons, confetti and fireworks, among other personalised features. The system also suggests emoji to replace words.


The new update also allows invisible ink to be used, for a friend to see only when he or she swipes over the text space. Handwritten notes have also been enabled.


To make for a richer conversation, Apple messaging now allows simple ways to include rich links and play media without leaving the conversation.


The new iOS also brings the power of the App Store to Messages, allowing developers to create new ways for users to communicate in a thread, ability to quickly edit GIFs or edit photos, send payments, schedule a dinner or a movie, all of which can now be done through Messages.


Redesigned Maps

iOS 10 gets a redesign for its Maps, making the app simpler and more intuitive. It is also now open to developers with extensions. For example, dinner booking apps can be integrated right into Maps. Services like Uber are now easily booked without having to leaving the Maps app.


Maps is now even more intelligent and can suggest routes based on where the user would most likely go next, based on his or her routine, calendar or scheduled appointments. Once a route has been chosen, Maps can search for gas stations, restaurants and coffee shops found along the way.


Blasts from the past with Photos

Photos on iOS 10 allow users to rediscover forgotten events by resurfacing older images from the photo library to Memories. The app scans all of your photos and videos, locates favourites and forgotten events, and presents them in a beautiful collection.


Memories can be presented in a reel through Memory Movie, which can be edited automatically with theme music, titles and cinematic transitions.


Home app: Control your home away from home

The Home app delivers a simple and secure way for a user to set up, manage and control his or her home from one place. A single command can control or manage a group of actions, and it can be controlled using Siri, remotely or from home automation using Apple TV.


Nearly 100 home automation productions are adopting HomeKit this year, bringing support for all areas of the home like thermostats, lights, window shades, door locks, video cameras and more, pushing a step further to get to the home of the future.