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Total shows support for Abu Dhabi’s first Solar Challenge

Total congratulates the Abu Dhabi Petroleum Institute (PI) solar race team which came second and remained a strong contender till last at the first Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge.

Total is pleased to be one of the sponsors of PI’s solar car and to extend its support for the solar array, which utilizes photo voltaic solar cells manufactured by SunPower, a Total affiliate. SunPower provides special non-commercial solar cells specifically for solar car racing, which have become the first choice of the world’s top solar car teams.

A specialized company in the US obtained the cells and constructed the modules based on PI’s specific design, which delivers the maximum peak power trackers (MPPTs).

Total has a long standing partnership with PI and collaborates on a range of activities under the remit of its corporate social responsibility for the host community.

Stephane Michel, Total’s President for the Middle East & North Africa, said, “Total is committed to sharing with host countries the technology and innovation derived from our operations in over 130 countries. We seek to add value for local communities wherever we operate.”

Hatem Nuseibeh, President of Total E&P UAE and Group Representative, said, “Total has a 75 year legacy with the UAE and we will continue to share with the Emirates our industrial resources. We are a proud partner with Masdar in Shams 1, the first and largest concentrated solar power plant in the Middle East.”

Sultan Al Hajji, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Total E&P UAE, said, “Total prioritizes capacity building in the UAE and endeavours wherever possible to expose young Emiratis to the latest technology and innovation. Such actions are also aligned with the aspirations of our principal stakeholders, such as ADNOC. Above all, such collaboration is congruent with Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030.”