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Tourism movement in Lebanon increases by 80 per cent

Rise attributed to the multiplicity of programmes and destinations, especially “Dubrovnik”

Tourism traffic outside Lebanon increased by 80 per cent in 2015 compared with 2014, confirms Jean Abboud, President, Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies.

Abboud attributes the reason of the increase to the multiplicity of programmes and destinations, which have been developed and added by the Travel and Tourism Agencies, Aliqtisadi reports. Of these, the most important programme was “Dubrovnik”, which has seen high demand.

Turkey gained the biggest share as most popular destination with 60 per cent, especially to its tourist cities like Antalya, Bodrum and others, in addition to other destinations like Cyprus and Greece, due to their location near Lebanon, and for adopting the ‘charter’ direct flights.

The President of the Association explained that the number of travellers abroad amounted to approximately 250,000 passengers during 2015 as the reservation rate reached 15 per cent, mostly by the Syrians who are travelling abroad.

Movement in the Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut recorded an increase during the first half of 2015, increasing by six per cent in terms of passengers and roughly four per cent in terms of flights, compared with the same period during 2014.