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Tourist abras at Global Village in Dubai serve 142 thousand riders in 157 days

142,389 riders over 157 days starting from November last.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed that the number of riders (tourists and visitors) who used the tourist abras, dubbed as the Blue Abras, at the Global Village has reached 142,389 riders over 157 days starting from November last.

The figure is indicative of the soaring demand for the service amongst tourists and visitors of the Village who are keen on using this traditional transit mode which offers a fun and safe riding experience.

“This figure reflects the substantial role of abras in encouraging the tourist movement in the Global Village, and constitutes a remarkable increase when compared with last year’s figure,” said Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency. He renewed RTA’s keenness on participating in events held at the Global Village which continue for several months every year under a vision aimed at positively impacting this annual event.

“The deployment of traditional abras at the Global Village also indicates the communication and inter-cooperation between various entities in Dubai. Moreover, the management of the Village contributed to the success of the initiative through providing the optimal route for the seven abras on service, offering riders a great opportunity to see landmarks of the Village,” continued Al Ali.