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TRA Bahrain jointly with Detecon Consulting publish study related to approaches to policy and regulatory frameworks for governing internet applications

The TRA Bahrain jointly with Detecon Consulting published a study titled “Policy and Regulatory Framework for Governing Internet Applications”. The study provides an in-depth analysis of the international approach to the internet application market and recommends an appropriate policy and regulatory action that could be adopted in the MENA region.

TRA Bahrain and many regulators around the world are facing similar new challenges including as to how to treat the different types of internet applications; for instance, some are offering “telco like” services such as voice and messaging services while others offer “data application” services, all of which run on top of the existing telecommunications and internet service providers infrastructure.

TRA Bahrain and Detecon Consulting recognize these challenges and worked closely together in the past few months on this joint study following extensive research. The study is considered to be a first in the MENA region.

“One of our main objectives is to allow for the opportunities offered by the internet to the benefit of the consumer and to support competition,” said Ms. Taiba Al Binali, Acting Director of Consumer Affairs & Media.

“We aim to avoid the trap of regarding the internet as a threat, however it is our responsibility to facilitate the reduction or minimization of internet-driven risks in the areas of security and data protection – both from the consumers’ and from the nation’s point of view,” Ms. Al Binali added.

Mr. Rachad Abdallah, Detecon consulting Regional Director – MENA, said, “Higher broadband penetration and an increasing variety of telco-like internet applications are forcing change on traditional telco business models. Operators need to recognize the associated challenges and adapt in order to continue to create value for their shareholders and customers alike. Regulators must facilitate throughout this process and beyond to ensure the sustainability of the new ecosystem and to maximize public benefit.”

The study is available for download on TRA weblink.