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TRA closes 286 complaints out of 296 in an average of 18 days

Billing complaints represent the largest percentage

The Consumer Affairs Director of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) Sh. Abdulla bin Humood Al Khalifa stated that the total number of complaints resolved in cooperation with the telecommunications companies in Bahrain over the past nine months (January to September 2015) amounted to 286 complaints out of 296 complaints received by the Consumer Affairs Directorate.

Sh. Abdulla also stated that “We have improved the performance by reducing 10 days to close consumer complaints in average of 18 days at the end of the third quarter of 2015 compared to 28 days in the same period of 2014.”

He outlined that billing complaints represent the largest percentage of 33% of the total complaints received during the first half, while QoS complaints represent 24%, roaming complaints 11%, contract issue complaints 9%, number portability complaints 5%, fraud complaints 8% and other issues 10%.

He also stated that TRA has initiated a project to its agenda to review and monitor the billing system and procedures of the licensed operators. TRA is also working on a number of initiatives such as developing a platform to monitor quality of services around the clock from five locations around Bahrain and improving the quality of service regulation by setting target for licensed operators to meet.

As for roaming complaints, TRA is currently finalising additional regulatory measures to safeguards consumer from outlying roaming charges and prevent roaming bill-shocks.

TRA is keen to effective and rapid response in solving all types of complaints in a short period which reflects TRA’s policy towards an interactive relationship with the citizens and meet the current generation’s requirements through all means of communications.

TRA consistently encourages consumers to submit unresolved complaints, inquiries and suggestions through all its channels of communications, by calling 81188 or by e-mail [email protected] and through TRA’s website