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TRA intervenes between Etisalat and du competition

Authority puts a stop to 'inappropriate' marketing methods between telecom rivals

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has recently announced its intervention in instructing Dubai-based telecom companies, Etisalat and du to remove certain material from their campaigns. The TRA took this method of action as it considered certain material (published by each proprietor) to be in violation of the regulatory framework. Both telecom companies have been in competition for quite a while now and the TRA deemed their marketing methods inappropriate in that each has overstepped the policy boundaries.

The TRA supports the UAE’s ICT division by safeguarding competition to protect the interests of subscribers. In article 2.2 of the Regulatory Policy it states: “This Regulatory Policy is ultimately for the benefit of consumers, to promote and protect competition by deterring Entities from engaging in activities that may impede competition in the UAE telecommunications sector.” The TRA, in resolution of the recent policy violations, has also instructed Etisalat and du to be technically and commercially ready to launch the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service by December 30, 2013, which will allow customers to switch over to a different service provider while keeping their respective numbers. Both telecom companies have embraced the instructions and have started their own media campaigns to bring awareness to the MNP in the UAE to all customers.

The TRA expects a healthy amount of competition between the two telecom companies and urges both to continue with their respective campaigns responsibly.