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TRA publishes their Annual Report for 2013

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Bahrain (TRA) has published this month its Annual Report for the year 2013. This annual report looks back at the various benchmarks reached by the Authority in the past year under the focus of ‘Enabling Innovation’.

Having achieved its initial objectives of creating sound regulatory frameworks and enabling competitive market, the regulator’s main focus for 2013 was to propagate the latest technologies and advanced information and communications service, which are critical to the telecommunications sector, and more generally, to the economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Manager of Communications and Media, Ms. Taiba Al Binali has expressed in a statement regarding the Annual Report that: “The past few years have seen a great change in the telecoms sector worldwide, and the kingdom has become a hub of productivity on par with international telecoms benchmarks and standards, with the Authority playing a major role in doing so.”

Ms. Al Binali continued in stating: “The accomplishments reached by the Authority this past year from the deployment of LTE to our being selected to host a world class event such as the Global Symposium for Regulators and beyond are all the direct result of the effort and vision exercised by TRA staff and management.”

Some of the other highlights for the Authority in the year 2013 include Bahrain’s selection to host the highly renowned Global Symposium for Regulators for the first tim alongside the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the issuance of TRA’s three year work plan for 2013-2015, and becoming the first organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain to be officially recognized by the esteemed European Foundation for Quality Management after successfully training senior staff in their ‘Journey To Excellence’ program.

The complete annual report is available online for viewing on TRA’s website.

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