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TRA releases market survey

More than 90 per cent of businesses are satisfied with their telecoms services: TRA releases market survey results

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain (TRA) has just released the results of its telecommunications survey among business users which was undertaken during June and July 2014, covering a representative sample of 252 respondents. The survey examined the access to and usage of different telecommunications services including fixed lines, mobile phones and internet services by business users as well as measuring the extent to which business users are satisfied with their telecommunications services.

The report also compares the results of the 2014 survey with the results of similar surveys undertaken in 2011 and 2007.

Commenting on the survey results Director of Market and Competition, Mr. Mohamed Al-Binali, stated that “Telecommunications services are critical to running businesses. Based on the survey results the majority of businesses consider telecommunications as an integral part of their operations. The quality and range of business services available are the most important considerations for businesses when selecting a telecom service provider. It is clearly evidenced that businesses in Bahrain benefit from the increasingly competitive offers of affordable, innovative, and high-quality telecommunications services.”

Mr. Al-Binali also commented that “The results of this survey provide TRA with a holistic view of access, usage and satisfaction of the telecommunications services in the business sector which is an important input to ours analyses of the market and decisions to ensure that the business users are enjoying a communications environment that enriches the commercial fabric of the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

The full 2014 Business Consumers Survey Report can be viewed on TRA’s website at