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REVEALED: The 3 crucial factors that influence travel decisions the most

How do travelers from the Middle East make their decisions regarding their travels?

Before going to the travel agency and booking their flights, most of these travelers research where they want to go, how they will be going there and the amount of money that they need.

It’s all guesswork, and the data they usually get is confusing, or contradicting.

If careful analysis is necessary to avoid troubles, why do it alone?

“Travel agents who are willing to set up online agencies can seize the opportunity to start attracting a lot of business,” according to Travel, Technology & Solutions (TTS), a global leading player in the development of innovative solutions for the travel and tourism industry.

“Middle East Consumer Travel Report 2018,” the latest regional research paper co-sponsored by Amadeus and developed by InsightOut Consultancy, reveals the answers.

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The report acknowledges that the Middle East travel market is incredibly diverse when it comes to traveling patterns, yet cost is a shared consideration across countries.

50% of the travelers mentioned that cost was the most important factor while traveling.

As a result, one in three travelers (33%) today “actively search” for discounts online during the shopping process.

Friends & Family

The Middle East being a family-oriented environment, what friends and family have to say has a huge impact on decisions regarding traveling.

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More people admit to being more influenced by friends, family, and colleagues (53%) than by search engines and review sites (47%) or actual travel agents (31%), the report confirmed.


In a region where value is paramount, it is surprising that travel packages are generally not seen as an attractive way to find value when booking, according to the report.

The report mentioned how travel agencies can influence a larger number of travelers in the Middle East.

They explained that the most important thing for travelers was the ability to change the package the way they prefer. “Travelers understand the value of packages but want freedom to customize these to suit their journey.”

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Antoine Medawar, Vice President, Amadeus MENA, commented: “By better understanding the key moments of truth throughout the customer journey, the region’s travel industry can shape even smarter, more attractive services in a competitive global marketplace.”

“Consumers all want a personalized and fulfilling travel experience, and travel companies need to be able to deliver value throughout that experience. This is where technology, in particular, will play a crucial role in keeping the Middle East travel sector moving forward,” he added.