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Travel online bookings through mobile increase

“71 per cent of airlines companies believe future of airline payments lies in mobile”

Mobile technologies experts confirm that the future of travel and tourism in UAE includes the usage of mobiles for virtual registration, wireless entertainment means, online reservations and travel updates, Egypt-based Al Ahram Newspaper reports.

“Mobiles are on their way to a key element in the travel sector, whether customer services or reservations,” according to latest report for global trends issued by World Travel Market.

The report adds that the mobile share of Internet reservations is expected to reach 35 per cent by year 2018.

Mr. Faisal Al Bannai, Chief Executive Officer of Axiom Telecom, says, “Passengers these days expect hotels and airlines to live up at least to same technology level they use in their daily lives.”

He adds: “With Dubai’s ambitious plan to receive 20 million visitors by year 2020, the demand on mobile technologies will only keep growing.”

WorldPay, an airline payment processing and settlements provider, says in a recent study that 71 per cent of airlines companies believe that the future of airline payments lies in mobile.

The number of airlines offering on-board mobile payments will increase from five per cent to 36 per cent in the next two years, and 18 per cent of airlines plan to accept e-wallets on-board by 2016. Etihad Airways and Emirates already provide online reservation services and inflight WiFi.

The global trends report also reveals that wearable electronic devices have become an important tool for travellers, as they are connected online via different kinds of mobile devices, which will allow them to get notifications during their trips and make reservations.