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Tristar wins Prince Michael International Road Safety Award

UAE-based Tristar has won the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award (PMIRSA) in recognition of its extensive internal and external road safety programs.

Tristar Group CEO Eugene Mayne (right) received the prestigious award from His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent who is also the Patron of the Commission for Global Road Safety last Tuesday, 9th December, in London. Mr. Mayne was accompanied by Tristar GM for HSEQ and Sustainability Muhammad Akber.

Since 1987 the Prince Michael Road Safety Awards are in place to recognize outstanding achievements and innovations in road safety. Considerations are given to nominations which demonstrate best practices designed and implemented in a cross border operation that could also be adapted outside their country of origin. Each year the award office receives hundreds of applications which are sent to panel of highly experienced judges. Each application has to pass through five main criterions namely visible commitment, innovation, well researched, achievement, and sustainable. The judges’ recommendations are subsequently considered by the Board which makes their recommendations to Prince Michael for his approval.

Tristar was awarded based on its various best practices such as Check Every Step program (CHEST), Rollover Warning Device (RWD), and My First Driving License project for school children, and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Safe Driving program for heavy duty commercial drivers.

The Check Every Step program (CHEST) reminds drivers to avoid carelessness, compromise and complacency. The program highlights critical steps for vehicle pre-trip inspection, driving, loading, and offloading.

The Rollover Warning Device (RWD) comprises a receiver and sensor. The sensor is mounted on the trailer chassis while the receiver is mounted in the cab with an LED (Green, Yellow and Red) display and audible warning. The receiver records details of the vehicle’s load, weight distribution and centre of gravity to calculate its potential tipping point, while the sensor detects the truck’s acceleration and tilt then transmits the information to the receiver via a wireless connection. At roundabouts or corners when the speed of the vehicle is excessive and any of the wheel starts to leave the ground a dashboard warning will alert the driver well in time to enable the driver reduce speed.

In June this year, Tristar launched a road safety awareness workshop for heavy duty drivers from all across the UAE who received first hand training on defensive driving from a road safety expert from UK-based Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). The campaign was endorsed and supported by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai.