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UAE Alpha Tours rebranded as Alpha Destination Management

Start of a new phase for UAE’s leading Destination Management company after 20 years of successful operations

After 20 years of successful operations that saw it emerging as the UAE’s leading Destination Management, Alpha Tours has been rebranded as Alpha Destination Management in line with the company’s growth strategies and development of tourism industry in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular.

The initiative reflects the new image and market positioning for the company.

Apha Destination Management CEO Ghassan Aridi, said: “In the past 20 years, Alpha established itself as a LEADING Destination Management Company offering variety of quality tourism-related services to millions of tourists visiting the UAE and Dubai from all over the world.”

“Taking into account our new expansions and the ceaseless success of Dubai as an ideal year-round tourism destination, we decided to go for rebranding and repositioning compatible with the changing scenario,” he added.

Alpha Destination Management is working on a slew of new projects that will be launched shortly. In the coming days, the company will announce details about its two major projects – Gourmet Bus and I Venture Card.

He said: “The previous name was relevant and appropriate in the past two decades during which the company’s major activity was tour operations.”

“Today, along with our core business of being a destination management Company, we are also into the crucial business of promoting Dubai as a comprehensive event and leisure destination in addition to our abilities to promote other destinations worldwide,” the industry veteran said.

In line with the rebranding exercise, the company’s website has been revamped to offer a variety of interactive services including facilities to book airline tickets, hotel reservations and other tourism related services.

The company has also moved its headquarters to a more spacious and purpose-built facility in the picturesque Business Bay in Dubai.

One of the leading travel solutions providers in the UAE and GCC, Alpha has been a key contributor to the growth of visitors to the country, especially Dubai. A fast growing tourism, aviation and trade hub, Dubai plans to attract 20 million tourists by 2020, the year in which it will host the World Expo.

“The tourism industry in the country is ready for an exciting new phase and bright future and we are bracing ourselves to play an even increasingly crucial role in the coming years,” remarked Aridi.

Since its establishment in 1996, Alphas has emerged as a major tourism industry stakeholder and holds a major market share in the region.

The government’s proactive measures and innovative projects are propelling aviation, hospitality and retail sectors in the UAE to record encouraging growth rates much higher than the global average.

He remarked: “Alpha Tours is restructuring its business operations to serve in a better way. We’re diversifying our market operations into six different divisions. We participate in 35 global exhibitions, eight road shows to stay connected in the industry. These also help us identify the increasing requirements and needs of tourists.”