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Faster screening at UAE airports as checkpoints become smarter  

Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC) will soon implement a smart security initiative, a move that will enhance customer experience and operational efficiency at security checkpoints.

“Dubai Airports, together with Dubai Police General Department of Dubai Security, signed a MoU with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airports Council International (ACI) to become part of their joint initiative on Smart Security,” according to a post published by Dubai Airports on Social Media.

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Smart security in a nutshell

According to ACI’s website, Smart Security is a joint initiative of ACI and IATA, that envisions a future where passengers proceed through security checkpoints with minimal inconvenience.

Smart Security aims to share information with airports, screening authorities, regulators and similar parties interested in learning about various concepts, processes and technologies around security checkpoints, the website adds.

The knowledge gained and lessons learned from various trial and research activities in many locations are summarized into guidance documents, the website explains.

The objective of such process is giving airports and screening authorities a head start in adopting innovative security screening solutions.

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Screened not queued

The Smart Security initiative aims to improve security effectiveness, operational efficiency and passenger experience at airport security checkpoints, according to Connect – Dubai Airports, a blog for fans of aviation and travel.

This is achievable through better use of technology, process innovation, and the use of risk-based security concepts, it added.

 “We manage the world’s busiest international airport with more than 90 million passengers passing through our facilities annually,” said Buti Qurwash, Vice President of Security at Dubai Airports, in a statement.

According to Qurwash, they will be using different technologies and processes to significantly reduce wait times and avoid queuing wherever possible, and the Smart Security initiative of IATA and ACI is a big step in that direction.

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Smart Security will result in beneficial solutions such as advanced screening equipment, lane automation, and centralized image processing, according to Muhammad Ali Albakri, IATA Regional Vice President, Africa, and The Middle East.

He explains that these technologies will not only improve passenger experience and boost the efficiency of the security process, but also ensure that the Dubai’s airports have a security solution that can be adapted to meet the expected growth in passenger traffic over the next 20 years.