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UAE, Indonesia discuss satellite networks

Both administrations were cooperative in sharing opinions and expertise

Officials from the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Indonesia held a frequency coordination meeting to discuss the need to coordinate frequency requirements for Indonesia’s satellite networks, along with the UAE’s satellite networks. The UAE delegation was headed by the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA), and also represented by Al Yah Satellite Communications (YAHSAT) and Thuraya Telecommunications (THURAYA), which were the nation’s concerned operators. The meeting took place at the TRA Dubai Headquarters, from 22 to 26 February, 2015.

The meeting focused on interest from the administrations, to coordinate satellite networks from both sides. The main discussion revolved around finding the best methods possible to eliminate any interference between their networks. Representatives from YAHSAT and Thuraya were active participants in the meeting, where 12 delegates from the Republic of Indonesia were present.

“Our gathering was very productive and essential to resolving interference between UAE and Indonesian satellite networks. Recognizing the nature of the issues at hand, it was important for the TRA as UAE representatives, to invite all concerned parties to participate namely, Al Yah Satellite Communications (YAHSAT) and Thuraya Telecommunications. Both organizations provided valuable contributions throughout the meeting and this will certainly aid the practical execution of the key actions coming out of the meeting,” said H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of TRA.

Both administrations were cooperative in sharing opinions and expertise. The UAE and Indonesian delegates expressed their satisfaction of the conclusions drawn, as they aim to achieve the best outcomes for both parties.