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UAE making efforts to support developing countries

UAE’s government-backed development aid entity, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), allocated $17m to the development of renewable energy and to deliver those energy solutions to people, in Seychelles, reported The National.

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Why Seychelles?

With UAE’s move to a non-oil economy, its most significant challenge was supporting countries who imported oil from UAE. One of these countries was Seychelles, where 100% of their energy solutions was from oil imports provided and resold by Seychelles Petroleum Company (SEPEC)

UAE’s goal in Funding 90% of the energy solutions is right in Seychelles plans when it posted their proposal for energy policy 2010-2030

In the proposal, the goals that Seychelles was aiming for are that 100% of energy be made from renewable energies, and because of the UAE, they might well be on their way.

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So, what is the UAE funding?

The money will be used to fund two agreements as reported by Arabian Business, with the first being an allocation of $8m which will go to the development of a solar farm in the island of Romainville.

The second will be an allocation of $9m to the installation of a power grid that can withstand 33kV in Mahé, and which purpose is to allow faraway places to receive energy more efficiently since a higher voltage means fewer losses of power.