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The UAE passport has surpassed all expectations

According to a press release by WAM (Emirates News Agency), the UAE passport has become the strongest passport and now ranked first globally.

This achievement was noted by the Passport Index, an interactive online tool that provides users with insights on passports with the ability to compare and rank the world’s passports. The ranking is based on freedom of movement and visa-free travel to passport holders.

The UAE passport holder can travel to 167 countries without the need for pre-visa requirements, which is 84% of the number of countries listed in the index.

The UAE passport ascended 26 positions, from 27th place in December 2016, to first place today, December 2018.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation launched the UAE Passport Force initiative to place the Emirati passport on the list of the five most powerful passports in the world by 2021, however, the country has achieved this goal three years before the dateline.

The Passport Index issued by the Arton Capital, ranks countries’ passports based on the number of countries a passport holder can enter without obtaining a visa or obtaining it at the time of entry. The Index is a global benchmark for classifying international passports and reflects the world’s view on the power and impact of passport.

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Armand Arton, Founder and President of Arton Capital, said that Passport Index is the most prominent rating of passport strength through an interactive platform that continuously monitors changes and developments, adding that it has become the world’s premier reference for governments.

“We continuously compare the passports of 193 countries and 6 regions of the UN members and work to collect data directly and continuously, all through publicly available information, government sources and international bodies. We determine the strength of the passport based on the ability of the citizens of a country to travel to another country without the need for a visa in advance and obtaining visa access from the airport,” said Arton.

He added, that the Emirati passport has witnessed unprecedented progress globally in the past few years, reflecting the international stature of the country. “We congratulate the UAE on this great achievement, and are pleased to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation since the launch of the UAE Passport Force initiative,” he went on to say.

Earlier this year, back in October, the Henley Passport Index, which bases its information on IATA (International Airport Transport Association) data, put the UAE passport at 21st place, based on the passport’s ability to grant visa-free access to 161 countries.

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