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UAE RTA, Deutsche Bahn review practices of asset protection strategy

RTA made a visual presentation outlining the principles of modern asset management

The Asset Management Department, Corporate Technical Support Services Sector of RTA has recently reviewed with Deutsche Bahn AG; a Company that owns railway assets & infrastructure, and operates trains and depots in the Federal Republic of Germany, the best practices in the principles & strategy of managing asset & relevant information, benchmarking of operation, and how to deal with depreciating assets.

To this effect a workshop was held at RTA’s Head Office in the presence of Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of RTA’s Corporate Technical Support Services Sector; Udai Al Deesi, Director of Asset Management; Hussain Al Saffar, Director of Rail Right-of-Way; Mr. Arash Mirzaee, Regional Director of Deutsche Bahn, and Mr. Mathias Gramar, Chief of Operations & Control Planning in the Company; in addition to several officials from both parties.

Al Madani started the meeting with welcoming the visiting delegation of Deutsche Bahn; one of the biggest specialized entities in the field of railways and the operation of trains saying: “Such communication offers a great opportunity for sharing expertise with the aim of upgrading operations and improving the performance.”

The RTA made a visual presentation outlining the principles of modern asset management adopted by the RTA; which covered the definition of sensitive RTA’s assets, monitoring the performance of assets, and the classification of assets in coordination with the Department of Finance at the Dubai Government. It also reviewed the maturity level of RTA’s asset management practices together with the future objectives and improvement plans. The RTA was briefed on how these practices are adopted in the Company through questions and answers exchanged between the two parties.

The Deutsche Bahn Company made two presentations about the strategy and principles of asset management, asset maintenance, asset indicators, types of maintenance operations adopted, and how they deal with depreciating assets along with the standards of scrapping them.

Key conclusions made by the joint workshop are: Studying the implementation of risk-based maintenance through monitoring asset condition, considering the introduction of the Four Levels of Parallel Processing in undertaking maintenance jobs, pondering the qualification of engineers in transport & asset management programs in coordination with the local colleges, and directing planning departments to adopt the principle of computing the lifecycle principle upon taking decisions relating to taking over new assets.

In closing, members of the visiting delegation commended this communication with the RTA; which, they say, has given them exposure to the job nature of RTA Asset Management Department along with the best practices and excellent systems it adopted in asset management; which assists the exchange of expertise, improve the performance and upgrade the whole business process.