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UAE RTA uses new technology to remove road markings

The water jet blasting technology is superior in terms of speed, performance, and environmental-friendliness.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has acquired the latest water jet blasters using cutting-edge technology in removing markings and paints spilled on roads.

This device is the most sophisticated of its kind in terms of speed and performance besides being environment-friendly.

“The RTA is pioneer in introducing the water jet blasting technology in removing markings and paints spilled on roads surface to the region. This ground-breaking technology was previously used in removing rubber deposits from aircraft tires caused by friction with runways; particularly after the successful experimental use of this new technology in 2010,” said engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency.

“Removing road markings and spilled paints through water jet blasting technology and the re-sucking of used water is environment-friendly and does not inflict any harm to the public health compared to the old traditional method of sand blasting. Moreover, the new technology is economical, quick and free from negative impacts on the flow of traffic as it doesn’t require traffic diversions,” she explained.

“The capacity of the tank of the new machine is 12 thousand liters whereas as the tank of the old machine was only 5 thousand liters i.e. it saves more than double the time needed to do the process using the old machine. Moreover, the new one is fitted with accessories and tools enabling to use it in narrow places such as parking yards. The new procedures is also characterized by high speed equalling 10 times the speed of the old model. It has the capacity to clean 600 square meters per hour, whereas the area cleaned using the traditional method is not more than 40 square meters per hour,” added Maitha.

“The RTA is pondering to avail this service to contractors and other parties on demand at competitive rates, especially as its use serves the goals of safety and environmental sustainability the RTA is seeking to achieve throughout its operations and services across the Emirate,” said the CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency in a concluding remark.