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The UAE shares moments from 2014 FIFA World Cup finals over Du’s network

The 2014 FIFA World Cup fever in the UAE reached its crescendo on 13 July – the day of the finals as football fans were glued to TV screens- big or small and waited with bated breath on whether it would be Germany Or Argentina who would walk away with the honours. By the time the results came through and fans celebrated the closure of the event, du customers had connected with their loved ones creating a new high – a jump of data traffic of 15% in a matter of less than 4 hours during 22:30 hours (Sunday) until 02:00 hours (Monday) time, taking full advantage of du’s 4G LTE network.

“It was the perfect pairing – the magic of football-frenzy fans ably supported by our world-class 4G LTE network. As part of our commitment, we continuously invest in building network capabilities and the flawless performance of our network on such a momentous occasion despite the significant traffic increase stands testimony to the capabilities and team work of our colleagues in the company,” commented Saleem AlBalooshi – Executive Vice President, Network Development & Operations in du.

“Indeed we are committed to ensure our customers can enjoy keeping in touch with family and friends during these special times, and going ahead, we will continue to develop our network to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations,” added AlBalooshi.

du has achieved many milestones with regard to network development over the past years and offers unique capabilities such as HD Voice. Today, du offers advanced technologies such as 4G LTE in 50% of the populated areas in the UAE and has 3G (HSPA+) coverage in 99.5 % of the populated areas in the UAE. The company recently announced an agreement with Nokia to deploy IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) that will allow 4G users to perform VoLTE calls on 4G layer directly without the need to be redirected to 3G layer and accordingly improve the call setup time. As a result of the deployment, du’s customers will experience enhanced services such as HD Voice, HD Video, file sharing and instant messaging. IMS will also allow for Fixed Mobile Convergence, which combines Mobile and Fixed services, so that customers can seamlessly access the same service.

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