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UAE tourist numbers to Egypt grow 50 per cent this year

By 2020, the African country “will have accommodation capacity of up to 34m tourists”

Gulf states represent one of the main pillars of the tourism industry in Egypt, according to senior Egyptian officials.

They add that the number of UAE nationals coming to Egypt grew by 50 per cent during the first quarter of this year, compared with the same period last year, reports UAE-based Al Bayan.

Egypt is moving forward with the implementation of an integrated strategy for the development of tourism, aiming at receiving 20 million tourists by the year 2020, they note.

Egypt’s tourism minister Khaled Ramy says: “After the economic conference which was held in Sharm el Sheikh in March, Egypt began working according to a clear strategy to promote the tourism sector, by focusing on international, Arab and Gulf advertising campaigns that will contribute significantly to the Egyptian tourism which experienced growth during the current year.”

The minister adds: “The total number of hotel rooms currently in Egypt reached 198,000 rooms and there are 154,000 rooms under construction and by the year 2020 and the completion of these rooms, Egypt will have accommodation capacity of up to 34 million tourists.”