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UAE TRA hosts power consumption reduction awareness workshop

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) hosted an awareness workshop in partnership with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) on the reduction of overall energy consumption, at its Dubai headquarters.

The workshop aims to target all participating TRA staff in spreading the culture of rationalization across the workplace and the conservation of natural resources, as part of the sustainable development on a nation level.

Entitled “General Conservation Practices and Facts”, the workshop was held with video conferencing capabilities, enabling the participation of employees in the Abu Dhabi office to participate and gain the necessary benefits.

The workshop included a detailed discussion on the essential steps and practices that will assist in the conservation of all energy sources for the workplace, home as well as public utilities. Hosting this workshop is one of the TRA’s consistent efforts to promote the conservation of resources and consumption management, in line with the nation’s inclusive strategy.

The agenda of the workshop included showcasing the most important methods and techniques enforcing the adoption of eco-friendly, energy efficient technologies pertaining to electricity and water resources. Thus, promoting the rationalizing daily use of the nation’s natural resources.