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Uber vs. Careem: Whose fare is more than fair?

Everyone loves cheap transport, and new fares from Careem and Uber are promising just that, but will it be at the cost of your life or privacy?

Recently, in a notice emailed to customers, Uber explained that the change in the fare structure affected all UberSELECT and UberVIP trips in Dubai.

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“These changes will result in higher fares on some trips, while fares will be lower on other trips. The fare breakdown can be seen in the upfront pricing displayed before booking a ride,” said Uber.

The fares of Uber trips previously fluctuated during peak hours, but after the recent modifications, all trips will always be subjected to fluctuation in base fares, depending on the time of day or if it is a public holiday.


But a month later, Uber decreased its tariffs from a base fee of $2 to a dynamic fare from $1.5 to $2.90 during peak hours.

Careem changed its fares as well, to compete with Uber.

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“For Careem Kids users, our pricing is reduced with the introduction of a surcharge, but it’s a more affordable overall fare,” said Careem in a statement.

Careem introduced similar fares, which they started implementing as of May 7.

(full table below, courtesy of local media).

Both companies have had their own set of problems in the past.

Safety and privacy?

Uber has had a series of accidents, from 200 reported deaths to their screening processes on who to employ.

Uber is bundled with problems. 

Careem, on the other hand, has had its fair share of problems with their recent data breach that exposed the data of 14 million people.