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UK’s announcement a blow to Egypt’s tourism

Security measures’ suspensions “sends negative message to all international tourism companies”

The UK’s suspensions of security measures at Egypt’s airports are a serious blow to the Egyptian tourism industry, says a senior official.

Mamdouh El-Wali, former head of the Journalists Syndicate, says: “This sends a negative message about Egyptian tourism to all international tourism companies.”

In his article titled “The future of tourism in Egypt after the Russian plane disaster”, El-Wali adds: “The dangerous thing is that Russia, England and Germany, who warned their citizens from travelling to Egypt, are the major exporters of tourists to Egypt.”

“Half of the number of tourists to Egypt during the last year came from these countries,” says El-Wali, adding that the number of tourists coming from Russia last year reached 3.1 million, accounting for 32 per cent of total tourist arrivals to Egypt last year, which stood at 9.9m tourists.

He says: “Strangely enough, Britain came in second place with 906,000 tourists, accounting for nine per cent of the total tourists, followed by Germany with 899,000 tourists, accounting for nine per cent of the total number of tourists.”

“This shows the extent of the expected damage to Egyptian tourism,” he says.

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