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Umniah launches new e-payment service ‘eFAWATEERcom’ for subscribers

Being in line with its corporate strategy to keep up with the most prominent developments in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector as well as saving time and effort for mobile and internet users, Umniah now offers its subscribers the possibility to cover their mobile and internet subscription payments at anywhere and at any time through its e-payment banking services.

The new service, offered under its eFAWATEERcom umbrella, was implemented by the Central Bank of Jordan at the beginning of May which tends to view and pay the required payments by linking the public and private sectors (billers) with several sectors including the insurance, healthcare, education, tourism, technology, communications, government and advanced banking services.

Commenting on the new e-payment service, the Director of Marketing at Umniah, Omar Al Omoush, mentioned, “Since Umniah’s inception in the local market, we have always been keen in providing the latest technologies and services to our customers. Umniah’s e-payment service is a new trend in the ICT sector and is guaranteed to be of great benefit to our customers.”

Mr. Al Omoush went on to emphasize Umniah’s leading position in the market and is now the first operator in Jordan to implement the online billing system via the Central Bank of Jordan, which aims to help save time and effort in making payments avoiding any break off of any service. The e-payment service is currently offered to customers affiliated with more than 12 Banks. The Central Bank of Jordan will continue to market the service to other banks with the payment method expected to assume full operation by end of June 2014.

This service offers all electronic payment methods including bank branches, ATMs, phone banking, Internet banking, and payment by mobile and other devices. The e-payment service allows customers conveniently to complete their transactions at any time of the day.

Mr. Al Omoush confirmed, “Umniah’s development of the payment system coincides with the telecom company’s aim to help save time for its subscribers and its efforts to improve its services offered via broadband internet, WiMaX and its third generation technologies.”