Complex Made Simple

Unique facilities and services characterize Anjum Hotel Makkah

The Anjum Hotel Makkah, the part of the first phase of the Jabal Al Ka’aba project, has been operating successfully since its inauguration in June 2014.

It has achieved significant milestones in serving its guests during the Ummrah and Hajj season for the year 1435 H. Ahmad Sabry, the hotel’s General Manager and a hospitality professional with more than 25 years of experience in hotel management, has highlighted several instances of the hotel’s outstanding performance since its grand opening.

Sabry said: “The Anjum Hotel Makkah offers unique services to its guests who are currently not available across other hotels in Makkah. The hotel is located in the vicinity of the Holy Haram and connected with the new King Abdullah Gate via an underground private access which can be accessed by pilgrims to reach the mosque for their prayers. The distance from our hotel to the Haram extension can be covered in less than two minutes of walking.”

“The Anjum Hotel Makkah boasts a high capacity food and beverage outlet, enabling nearly 3,500 people to dine at the same time. This convenience allows our guests to relish their meals without the hassle of finding a place to eat in, especially during peak seasons such as Ramadan. Our in-house Joud restaurant serves different cuisines from around the world to suit the taste of each guest’s nationality and special request,” added Sabry.

Furthermore, the Anjum Hotel Makkah, unlike other hotels, has a welcoming arrival experience with a spacious piazza that has a pleasant outdoor seating area – the ‘Outdoor Piazza,’ where guests can enjoy refreshments on their trip, from and to the Holy Haram. In addition, the hotel is equipped with 26 large air-conditioned elevators with the capacity of 16 guests at the same time in each elevator. This capacity helps guests to easily move up and down during rush hours with minimal waiting time.

The Anjum Hotel Makkah has a prestigious, courteous and an efficient Guest Center. Its team is on hand to respond to all guests’ requests. This center has the ability to respond to guests’ requests and needs at all times with ease and competence. -Whether you need an extra pillow to assistance with onward travel, flowers for a special occasion or a newspaper delivered to your room-, the highly trained team is able to help throughout all kinds of inquiries. It is also worth mentioning that Anjum Hotel has a “Kids World”, which is the center where they look after children from 3 to 7 years old by well-trained team and supervisors, enabling the parents to do their rituals with comfort while their children are supervised and entertained.

“The Anjum Hotel Makkah overlooks the Haram and guests can enjoy the view of the Holy Mosque from their room with almost 70 per cent of the rooms and suites offering this breathtaking view. Also, “Anjum” maintains a car parking that fits up to 190 vehicles. Moreover it has an easy access, especially from the main highway connecting Jeddah to Makkah. In fact, it is a straight road all the way from Jeddah, affording an easy and comfortable trip to all pilgrims coming from Jeddah Airport,” added Sabry.

“The hotel has achieved a success rate of 90 per cent in guests’ satisfaction and we are very proud of such an exemplary performance since its opening. We reiterate our promise to continue to excel in our services in order to exceed guests’ expectations and offer a genuine hijazi hospitality,” concluded Sabry.