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Go vertical: Aerial taxi hailing to come to Dubai in Q1 2018

VIMANA, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, and with offices in the Middle East, among others introduces the first blockchain airspace platform for managing autonomous aerial vehicle flight routes in smart cities around the world.

The VIMANA Vertical Take-Off and Landing Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (VTOL AAV) technology is patented and filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and acknowledged by lead
engineers from international space programs, top five aerospace manufacturers, and executives from world’s largest transportation companies.

CEO, Evgeni Borisov, recognized the need for smart cities around the globe to enact better transportation systems for rapidly expanding populations.

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In highly congested cities like Tokyo and Singapore, it would be very costly to completely overhaul the existing road and rail infrastructure to accommodate rising population sizes.

These cities along with cities like Dubai, which have already invested in technology and have well-established smart city initiatives, are prime locations for aerial commuter vehicles like VIMANA’s AAVs.

The main challenge facing implementation of an AAV network is that existing air traffic control towers are unequipped to manage potentially thousands of AAV flights in a given city.

VIMANA addresses this hurdle with its patented, industry-first, blockchain-backed airspace ecosystem for managing AAV flight paths.

Blockchain technology is uniquely suited to power VIMANA’s Airspace Management Platform because of its capacity to validate data in a peer-to-peer network.

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Each AAV will be a node in the VIMANA network wherein each node validates the flight routes of all other nodes in the network.

This ensures that AAVs do not depend on a centralized authority for determining flight direction.

With all nodes maintaining constant communication with one another, human passengers can simply plug in their final destination and relax as they are delivered to safely and quickly to their stop.

The VIMANA aerospace engineering team is developing a two and four-seater AAV.

The first demonstrations of VIMANA’s unmanned aerial vehicles and Blockchain Airspace Ecosystem will occur in selected Smart Cities like Dubai, and Abu-Dhabi as early as Q1 2018.