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VIDEO: Millions at Risk as Teen’s Drone Hack Exposes Poor Security Controls for Internet of Things Devices

If a 13-year old can do this, we are all in trouble

Reuben Paul aka ‘Cyber Ninja’ shows how easy hacking a drone can be in front of live audience during a global conference on cyber security Increasing household use of IoT is fuelling fears that the technology’s lax security features will introduce significant risks for privacy, data and to human life Kaspersky Lab security experts call for stricter security measures for companies developing IoT devices to ward against their vulnerabilities

He goes by the name of the “Cyber Ninja”, and Reuben Paul has exposed the gaping holes in the security measures of millions of everyday gadgets and technology devices as he successfully hacked a drone in front of a live audience during Kaspersky Lab’s Cyber Security Weekend conference. 

And what’s more, he’s only 13 years old.

The drone hack that was done in minutes was yet another call from Kaspersky Lab experts to highlight the urgent need for stricter measures from companies developing Internet of Things related-devices such as drones, baby monitors, smart appliances and connected toys (anything that is connected to the internet).

 The cyber security giant plans to issue an extensive IoT report in late May highlighting new vulnerabilities in connected smart home devices.