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Exclusive video: What are the biggest global risks in 2019?

These are 3 main threats facing the world in 2019 - Watch the exclusive video from Davos

Rising international tensions is biggest issue Climate change is leaving its mark Technology blind spots are critical

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland – an annual gathering of top global leaders and influencers – is attempting to unlock pathways to overcome the most troublesome global risks in 2019.

AMEinfo is at Davos and spoke to Aengus Collins, the head of global risks and the geopolitical agenda at WEF.

"Three things that we highlighted are: the first, rising international tensions. I think that's the most urgent risk facing the world in 2019. The biggest long-term risk we've identified as climate change and a range of environmental issues. And finally, technology we point to as a blind spot. Even though we are paying a lot more attention to technological risks, the pace of change is such that, really, we need to be doing more to keep up," Aengus Collins said.