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Villa Rotana Dubai conducts successful fire drill with Department of Civil Defence

Villa Rotana Dubai in collaboration with the Department of Civil Defence recently conducted a successful fire drill involving all the hotel’s colleagues. The exercise was in line with the Villa Rotana’s initiative to provide sufficient knowledge and training as well as to totally prepare its staff when it comes to emergencies like fire.

The management team informed all guests in advance and many of them chose to participate as they supported the hotel initiative.
The fire drill started as soon as the fire alarm bells went off and all hotel staff immediately headed to the designated assembly area. At the assembly point, head counts and inspections were done, as the hotel’s in-house and trained fire fighting team along with representatives from Department of Civil Defence ensured everyone’s safety.

“We always work our best to ensure our guests’ stay to be most enjoyable but our priority all the time was and will be to maintain their safety which is sustained through our continuous efforts and actions to protract the safety measures that guarantee the security not only of our guests but also of our employees. The recent fire drill, which we conduct regularly, is a manifestation of our continuous efforts to ensure that we are in line with our goals on safety and security internally and for our guests. We would like to thanks Dubai Civil Defence for their great collaboration and support for the success of those events” commented Kinan Al Ghraoui, General Manager Villa, Rihab and Rimal Rotana.

Adding on the General Manager’s comment, Villa Rotana’s Director of Engineering Govindan Kutty said, “We cannot predict accidents but we can work on preventing them and decrease their possibilities by conducting training to our employees to face and deal with any sudden accident or fire. Our goal is not only to provide a safe working environment, but also to ensure that everyone in the hotel is trained on what needs to be done in cases of unlikely events such as fire”.

The fire evacuation exercise drill was successful and met the purpose of creating awareness among the employees on what to do before professional help arrives.

Tarik Achab Zekri
Marketing & Communications Executive
Villa, Rihab and Rimal Rotana
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