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VIVA Bahrain empowers SMEs with ‘Business-in-a-Box’

VIVA ‘Business-in-a-Box’ also offers businesses with data add-ons that are customizable.

VIVA Bahrain has introduced a new portfolio of comprehensive telecom solutions catered for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

As part of its latest offering, VIVA has created an innovative leading-edge solution for SMEs through its all-in-one communication package, VIVA ‘Business-in-a-Box’.

Mr. Saad Odeh, VIVA Bahrain Chief Wholesale and Enterprise Officer, said: “SMEs constitute the largest market segment of Bahrain’s economy. At VIVA, we recognize the relevance of SMEs to the economy and work continuously to support this dynamic sector by developing telecom solutions that match their growing needs.”

“VIVA Business-in-a-Box combines our best products and services into one streamlined package and one convenient bill and equips businesses with everything they need to get their telecommunications set-up, from getting the best value and services, to having the best network,” he added.

VIVA Business-in-a-Box offers SMEs a free broadband router, shared unlimited data, free shared mobile minutes to other local networks, unlimited VIVA to VIVA calls and SMS, a fixed line with special number, and the best LTE broadband connection.

Moreover, VIVA ‘Business-in-a-Box’ also offers businesses with data add-ons that are customizable. Additionally, businesses will also have the flexibility with the latest smartphones including iPhone 6, Samsung GALAXY Note 4 and much more.