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VIVA creates moments by celebrating Ramadan with community of Bahrain

VIVA has welcomed Ramadan celebrating the true spirit of the Holy month by introducing ‘VIVA Iftar Sa’em’, a ‘VIVA Jusoor’ initiative led by ‘VIVA Hands’ volunteers, aimed at distributing iftar food boxes for the less fortunate to break their fast.

Having visited a number of labor camps and neighbourhoods throughout Bahrain, ‘VIVA Iftar Sa’em’ is an ongoing initiative taking place this Ramadan together with a host of additional community activities that include the distribution of water bottles at major mosques during taraweeh and qeyam prayer times.

In addition, VIVA will also be reaching out to families in need by providing them with food parcels containing essential food items.

Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, VIVA CEO, commented, “This year, we wanted to touch people’s lives throughout the holy month by taking part in the initiatives organized for them. The VIVA team has been actively participating in the distribution of ‘Iftar Sa’em’ and the response we have received has been overwhelming, it’s a testament of the true spirit of Ramadan. The experiences we have been living are truly memorable and we hope that as the holy month progresses the activities we have planned continue to have a genuine positive impact in the community at large.”

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