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Vuclip announces its strategic partnership with Ooredoo Kuwait

Ooredoo Kuwait and Vuclip partner to launch first of its kind video on demand offerings for mobile subscribers

Vuclip, the leading premium mobile video on demand service for emerging markets, announced its strategic partnership with Ooredoo Kuwait, the leading telecommunications service provider in Kuwait.

The announcement comes as Ooredoo Kuwait continues to drive a forward looking strategy to enhance its data leadership position in the market through the provision of innovative products and services for customers in the Arab State.

Backed by the surging demand for mobile Internet across Kuwait, Ooredoo Kuwait and Vuclip will provide premium mobile video on demand service for an attractive market launch price of just 200 fils per day. Using Vuclip’s Dynamic Adaptive Transcoding Technology, Ooredoo Kuwait will offer millions of viewers the opportunity to enjoy unbuffered videos, optimized for network variability, across all mobile devices.

The first mobile video model of its kind in the country, the partnership is aimed at bringing mobile video to the larger community, allowing customers across Kuwait access to thousands of premium international and local content videos. The Video Store is designed to offer customers a personalized selection of popular content in a variety of languages including Arabic, Hindi, English, Tagalog, Bengali and more to cater to both local and expat audiences.

In addition, the store will carry a wealth of different genres of content including the latest movies, TV shows, music, news, sports in addition to the latest Ramadan productions such as Haret Al Yahoud, Tahtt Al Saytara, Bein Al Sarayat, Le’abet Eblis in addition to popular Islamic content and signature recipes by chef Manal Al Alem.

Mijbil Alayoub, Ooredoo Kuwait’s Corporate Communications Director said, “At Ooredoo Kuwait, we pride ourselves on the ability to continuously innovate and align with partners who share our vision to help make customers make a seamless transition to mobile that aligns with their ‘always-on’, digital lifestyle. We look forward to be working with an industry recognized partner such as Vuclip to launch a first of its kind mobile video on demand offering that bundles an enhanced viewing experience together with a breadth of popular international and local content.”

“Innovation lies at the heart of the Vuclip strategy and we are pleased to join hands with Ooredoo Kuwait as they work to make mobile video on demand a reality for subscribers across the nation,” said Husein Sehorewala, Director of Business Development for Vuclip. “We look forward to working with Ooredoo in this journey towards the hyper connected future, offering consumers the convenience to watch premium videos at any time on their choice of device.”

In addition to consumers in Kuwait, Vuclip offers its highly popular premium video on demand services in UAE, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand via partnerships with leading carriers in each of these countries.