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In an attempt to protect their citizens, countries have and continue to warn against using for financial dealings.

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The UAE is warning

In a statement published by the UAE’s securities regulators on Wednesday, investors were warned not to deal with

“The alert comes after the Philippines watchdog, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), warned last month that salesmen, brokers, dealers or agents who promoted unauthorized investments such as could face a fine and up to 21 years in prison,” Reuters reported.

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Asian countries following about

According to The Star Online, a breaking news website, the UAE is not the only one, but “regulators in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand have also placed on alert lists of unauthorized firms with whom investors should exercise caution.”

The Monetary Authority of Singapore placed on an investor alert list and said investors should “exercise caution” when dealing with companies on the list.

As for Malaysia’s Securities Commission, it also placed on a list of “unauthorized websites/investment products/companies/individuals,” The Star reported.

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The whys behind this

According to Reuters, this UK Company manages hundreds of thousands of dollars for Asian investors, even though it is not licensed to engage in financial transactions.

Reuters said: “ is not on a publicly available list of companies authorized and regulated by Britain’s financial regulator to buy and sell stocks or bonds for clients.”

Reuters continued to explain that it is prohibited for UK-registered companies to deal in securities such as shares and bonds if it is not authorized by law and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), even if the investors are outside Britain.

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