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WARNING: social media users risk $272 fine and even jail if they do this

People spend a lot of time on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp.

And now some kinds of posts and news are prohibited in the UAE.

The Telecommunications and Regulatory Authority (TRA) is warning users of social media to take caution while sharing news on social media; because, if fake, they risking a $272 thousand fine and even jail.  

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The TRA is warning you

The TRA shared a post via Twitter against sharing fake information on social media, citing the act punishable by law.

“Remember that not everything you read on social media is true, some are just rumours that can cause harm to others or to the state,” the TRA said, “we ask you to always verify the source and to use the official accounts of the government to verify the news.”

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The Twitter post contained a picture highlighting a provision of the UAE’s anti-cybercrime law that seeks to penalise violators with an imprisonment or fine of up to $272 thousand.

“Don’t spread unverified news. Let it stop with you,” the TRA said on Sunday.

The law also does not only penalize fake news; the person sharing the news can be held liable if someone else’s privacy has been violated, even if the information posted online is true.