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Watch: Has Samsung’s S9 done enough to have Apple users switch to android?

Bloomberg’s Stephen Engle reports on Samsung’s new phone the Galaxy S9 and how it stacks up against Apple’s iPhone X. Engle speaks on “Bloomberg Markets.”

Is Samsung a game changer or is it trying to keep pace with Apple’s high end market phones?

“Perhaps Samsung is trying to keep the real fire power for their S10, if they call it that, down the road, but now their top of the line is the S9,” said Engle.

“They revealed it with great fanfare at the Barcelona World Congress.”

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Engle said the S9 comes with feature rich add-ons, better camera, low light enhancements, slow-mo video, augmented reality-based emojis, stereo speakers, a voice controlled assistant and the smartphone is more integrated with other Samsung devices like laptops and TVs.

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