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Wego’s 2013 HotSpots and 2014 Travel Predictions

Wego, the leading travel metasearch site in the Asia Pacific and Middle East, today shared the hottest travel hotspots in flight search throughout their core regions and predictions of travel trends throughout for 2014.

“We’ve seen a lot of shifting trends in all our markets this year,” said Ross Veitch, Wego CEO and Co-founder. “People are travelling more frequently and seeking new destinations from traditionally popular routes.”

“Accessibility is leaping forward dramatically in all our regions and the comfort and security of using Wego’s metasearch is clearly reflected in the increasing number of users enjoying our site across all our localised country sites, along with our rapidly growing inventory of airline, hotel and OTA partners, helping them to explore their options to travel anywhere in the world.”

Wego has 50 country sites in more than 30 languages and this year appointed six new Market Development Managers covering Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, and Thailand with established regional offices in Bangalore, Dubai, Jakarta, and moved into new Singapore headquarters in March.

“The Wego team has worked enormously hard this year developing a targeted and very localised user experience with more accessible and advanced technology, tailored to the needs of travellers everywhere which we’re all very excited about. Watch this space,” Veitch concluded.

Middle East & North Africa

“Travel between the Middle East and Asia continues to grow with more flight options between both regions,” said Mohamad Ibrahim Masri, Managing Director, Wego Middle East and North Africa. “Intra-regional traffic tops the volume in 2013 due to big expatriate communities working in the Arabian Gulf.”

“Key tourism destinations such as Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok continue to lead the search results from the MENA region.”

“In 2014 as the EU works to further relax visa requirements for Gulf Nationals, more travellers will select Europe for their summer holiday destinations. The UK’s removal of visa requirements for UAE nationals will change the rankings of top destinations for Emiratis, and help to increase the number of holiday and business trips.”
“An increased surge in the number of online travel agencies over the past few months may place additional pressure on offline businesses, and in 2014 we will see a further increase in competition for the online travel space,” added Masri.

“We will see more advanced bookings for summer holidays driven by special offers and promotions that will be rolled out earlier in the market, and we can expect new Asian destinations to be added to the travel menu, with lots of new tourism products from legacy destinations,” he concluded.