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Which is the No. 1 preferred mobile brand for Millennials?

Smartphones are a necessity in the modern daily life of the millennials and an indispensable item when on the go.

Practically all online Millennials own a smartphone, they are most likely to identify their mobile as their more important internet device, and they are spending almost as long online via mobile as via all other devices combined.

Across most social, entertainment and online commerce activities, mobiles are the preferred devices for this group.


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A study by Global Web Index has examined the attitudes and digital behaviors of Internet users aged 21-34, and the figures revealed are interesting.

Smartphones central to millennials’ digital lives

Not only do they have a commanding lead over PC and laptops for ownership, 68% of this group chooses their mobile as their most important device, compared to just 16% for laptop and 14% for desktop PC.

Broadly speaking, Millennials in emerging markets are the most mobile-centric. In almost all markets Millennials are multi-device users, and though mobiles are preferred, they are not used in isolation.

“In fact, Millennials get online with an average of 2.80 devices each, illustrating the seamlessness with which they expect to access sites and services on multiple devices during their day,” notes the survey findings.


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Smartphones are central to Millennials’ digital lives. The study has given a break-up of the percentage of Internet Users aged 21-34 who own/would consider purchasing the following mobile brands.

As the chart shows, Samsung (34%) holds the advantage for current brand ownership among millennials in the Middle East & Africa, but the iPhone (54%) is the favored choice for Millennials to upgrade to.

That 25% would consider purchasing a phone made by challenger brand Huawei shows that this is not just a two-horse race in the region.

Overall, millennials are increasingly looking at challenger mobile manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi.


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While Millennials may consider their smartphone to be their most important device, on average they spend 15 minutes longer online via PCs and laptops during their day.

“As Millennials are multi-device users, any marketing strategy needs to be flexible to match Millennials’ willingness to switch between them,” the survey findings notes.

Also, the popularity of smartphones ensures Millennials continue to consume entertainment while on the move, and all entertainment- related activities (barring TV) are now more likely to be carried out on smartphones than desktops.