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Wojhati App records 239k downloads in first half of 2015

Download count posts 228 per cent increase compared to the same period last year

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled that 239,066 users had downloaded its smart Journey Planner App branded Wojhati during the first half of this year compared to only 72,704 users who had downloaded the App during the same period last year, recording a healthy growth rate of more than 228 per cent.

This sizable increase in the number of Wojhati users is achieved in the context of RTA’s endeavours to maximize customers’ satisfaction, and realize the directives of the Dubai Government to capitalize on technological advancements for the benefit of the public.

“Enticing more than 239 thousand persons to download Wojhati App within six months means that the service is achieving its targeted objectives i.e. customers satisfaction. Thus it replicates RTA’s keenness to provide services matching to the plans of the Dubai Government advocating innovating concepts and harnessing technologies for the convenience of the public. The RTA spares no efforts in realizing this ambitious vision which will raise the technological profile of Dubai worldwide,” said Mousa Al Raeesi, Director of Transportation Systems, RTA.

“A recent update had been made to Wojhati App in concurrence with the Government Achievements Exhibition last year enabling the metro and bus riders to figure out, through their smart phones, names of metro stations through which they pass during their journeys aboard the metro. Moreover, Wojhati App saves all the information needed by users of public transport means (buses, metro, marine transport, tram), be it residents, visitors or tourists in the Emirate of Dubai. Such information include the arrival time of the concerned transit means, time needed to arrive at destination, applicable tariff, guidance to destination, and alerts about potential delays,” he added.

“Wojhati App uses satellite-based ordinates to locate the customer when the App is started in the smart-phone of the customer who can then obtain all details of the intended destination. Tourists have been taken into consideration when the App was designed as it provides guidance about the use of public transport means in Dubai for customers to reach their destinations from their current locations. The lack of internet connectivity had also been taken on board as the customer can, through the App, save the schedules to the required trip in the phone and user such details any time later,” he concluded.

“Among the updates introduced to Wojhati App is the possibility to use an Arabized version on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices, rendering it the first journey planner app ever presented in Arabic language across the world. Moreover, the Arabization had been incorporated in the Windows Operating System for the first time in the Middle East, and the second time worldwide after the Federal Republic of Germany. Wojhati App had also been fitted with the Virtual Reality technology and this feature creates an interactive environment based on augmenting the virtual reality and integrating it in the App such that the user can pinpoint the stops and routes of public transport means and metro services in a real time environment. The user can also obtain information about timetables and distance automatically from any location by just pointing the camera of the smart phone to any direction from any location,” added Al Raeesi.

“Wojhati App encourages the use of public transport means through overcoming difficulties encountered by public transport riders who can obtain such information through their smart phones including the details of their journeys such as routes and timetables. It opens to them the option of making the optimal selection to realize their needs and reach their destinations in the fastest time and least effort. Such features would contribute to raising public transport ridership, and reducing carbon emissions from private vehicles; which is another objective sought by the RTA as part of its strategy for providing a safe and healthy transit model,” concluded the Director of Planning and Business Development, RTA.