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Works Ministry completes the revamp of Turfa Ibn Al Abd Avenue in Manama

The Ministry of Works, Municipalities & Urban Planning has recently completed the revamp of Turfa Ibn Al Abd Avenue in Manama (the part located between the Exhibition Road to the East and Al Fateh Avenue to the West). The project is part of the Ministry’s efforts to alleviate traffic congestion in the Kingdom.

It is hoped that the project will hugely contribute to alleviating traffic congestion along this active Avenue, which witnesses a traffic density of 8,0000 vehicles on a daily basis, and the number rises over the weekend. The avenue overlooks many restaurants, offices, apartments and shops from both sides.

Prior to implementing the project, the Ministry’s Roads Planning & Design Directorate prepared a complete traffic study that recommended the closure of the two entrances close to Jaffar Pharmacy and the Petrol Station.

A U-turn interchange, on the other hand, was opened along the Intersection of Al Fateh Highway and Turfa Ibn Al Abd Avenue to allow for a smooth traffic flow and return to Turfa Ibn Al Abd Avenue.

As for traffic safety procedures, all traffic safety measures were doubled at the time, especially for traffic coming from the Exhibition Road side and Al Fateh Highway. The procedures included implementing proper berries between the two lanes.

The Ministry, following the consent from the Traffic General Directorate and all concerned service entities, commenced work on the project in July 2014. Work was implemented by project contractor National Excavations Company.