Complex Made Simple

Works Ministry completes the revamp of Al Jasir Avenue and Road 601 in Ras Ruman

MoW’s Roads Projects & Maintenance Director Raed Al Salah revealed that the Minnistry has recently completed the revamp of Al Jasir Avenue and Road 601 in Block 306 in Ras Ruman, where the total length of the roads that underwent revamp reached 1,853 meters. The BD181,858 project was awarded to Tylos Excavations.

‘The project comprised of re-paving roads with asphalt, covering pavements with bricks, creating proper rain water drainage system, constructing a parking lot, installing light poles in collaboration with the Electricity & Water Authority and protecting the existing services for future use,’ explained Al Salah.

‘The Ministry is keen to develop roads in various areas in the Kingdom; based on a specific time schedule to develop areas and towns in the different Governorates in Bahrain, in cooperation with the Municipal Councils.’ he added.

Al Jasir Avenue and Road 601 have been selected due to their importance and in order to cope with the development taking place in the area, ease traffic congestions and increase both the capacity of the roads and safety levels.