Complex Made Simple second on Facebook

Abu Dhabi-based tourism website has been ranked second on Facebook in tourism news coverage in the UAE although it is one of the newest sites specialized in such news in the region. The site came after Yas Island which was ranked first.

Site editor Amal Al Sarraj said Iris Media, which owns the site, is doing its best to ensure round-the-clock coverage for such an important sector, adding that the site attracts over one million visitors every month.

Site page supervisor Yasmin saeed said there are plans to present new ideas that will be of great interest to the visitors and serve their needs.

Iris Media development manager Ashraf Hammad said the site’s success in achieving that rank reflects its great achievements in a short period of time, noting that it remains the first site of its kind in the UAE.

“This rank illustrates our success in providing sophisticated and comprehensive electronic news coverage for the UAE and other countries…visitors and readers should expect more from this site.”