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Yota Devices further gears up in the Middle East with the opening of its UAE office

Yota Devices – makers of YotaPhone, the world’s first both sides smartphone – has announced the opening of its Dubai office, a significant step in reinforcing the company’s growing presence and investment into the Middle East, one of the world’s fast-growing smartphone markets.

The new office, headed by Abdul Karim Sawan, Vice President for Middle East & Africa of Yota Devices, will be dedicated to build an attractive new market presence for YotaPhone handsets as well as strengthen its brand positioning in the region. The Dubai office will also focus on expanding YotaPhone’s market share in the growing smartphone market across the GCC, particularly Saudi Arabia, and the wider Middle Eastern region.

With the opening of the local office in Dubai, Yota Devices will also provide a stronger focus on empowering and supporting the region’s channel community. The Dubai team will work closely with Yota Devices’ network of existing and potential partners. Currently, Yota Devices has forge a strategic partnership with Etisalat to bring YotaPhone to its subscribers and customers.

“The Middle East is one of the key markets for YotaPhone and it is important for us to expand our strategic focus and market commitment by investing to have a local presence. The company’s Middle East presence shows that we are strongly committed to provide innovation and mobile advancement through the local offering of YotaPhone ahead of other key markets in the world,” said Vlad Martynov, Chief Executive Officer of Yota Devices.

Commenting on the Dubai office opening, Sawan also added, “We at Yota Devices believe in this region’s potential and the new opportunities that it will offer. The Dubai office will bring more focused efforts to reach our targets in the Middle East.”

The Dubai office will be responsible for all the sales, marketing and channel distribution of YotaPhone in the GCC and other countries in the Middle East.